Giff's  Workshops & Talks

Email - derek@derekgifford.co.uk

Folkus guitar workshops


Derek is able to offer the following talks to groups:

'Natural History of Folk Song' - a talk with songs and wildlife sound recordings. 
'Birds in Folk Song'  

- an extended talk on the first section of 'Natural History in Folk Song

‘A wonderfully different and very entertaining evening.’ (Wigan RSPB group)


‘More Birds in Folk Song’  - a follow up talk to the previous one with different birds

'Songs of the Sea'

(alternative title ‘ A Brief History of Sea Songs‘)


- a brief history of mainly British sea songs and their background.

 'He was the inspiration behind the ever-popular "Songs of the Sea" session which now traditionally starts off the festival.’  (Bedworth Folk Day)


'Envronmental Folk Songs'  

- a talk on current environmental issues through contemporary folk songs


'The Bowed Psaltery' - its history, songs and playing styles

For more information contact Derek on:

01695 625097 (24 hr answer phone)

or by e-mail:   derek@derekgifford.co.uk

or write to me at:

22 Stoney Brow, Roby Mill, Up Holland, Lancashire, WN8 0QE